Save Money on New Tires

Rely on us for used tire sales and tire installation services in Battle Creek, MI

New tires are expensive, especially when you consider the fact that many used tires will last nearly as long for a fraction of the price. That's why you should make Whispering Oaks Salvage your source for affordable tire sales in the Battle Creek, MI area. Once you've purchased from us, we can even complete the tire installation for you!

Customer satisfaction drives everything we do, so we'll go above and beyond to impress you. Next time you need new tires, make sure you call us first.

5 steps to nice new tires

Our tire sales process is simple and convenient. We will:

Sell you new tires at a fair price
Remove your vehicle's rims
Clean corrosion off the rims using a wire brush
Seal the rims with liquid rubber to protect them
Complete your tire installation(s)

We also check the tires for leaks to give you peace of mind. It's as easy as that! Visit us today to get started.